It’s time for rosé! Yorkshirewines has the largest selection of rosés available–enough for you to try a new rosé each day of spring and summer. Many are in stock right now, and even more will arrive over the next few weeks. We carry rosés from all over the world including France, California, Oregon, Spain, Italy, Argentina, and South Africa. There are a couple of reasons why rosés are so popular these days. First, they are versatile wines that match well with just about everything from seafood to grilled meats, salads, spicy sauces—even barbecue. Second, they have a very high quality to price ratio with most of them in the $10-20 range. Third, their refreshing quality makes them great summertime outdoor dining wines. Shop Online: Phone Order: 212.717.5100 #Rose #Wine #France #California #Oregon #Spain #Italy #Argentina #South #Africa #Provence #Yorkshirewines.

via Yorkshire Wines & Spirits

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