BRANCOTT ESTATE MARLBOROUGH SAUVIGNON BLANC A well-balanced wine with the palate weight, sweet fruit flavors and the crisp acidity usually associated with this style. AROMA AND PALATE: This wine has sweet ripe fruit characters with a delightful mix of citrus, floral, pear and tropical fruit and a crisp nettle highlight. This powerful wine is almost pungent in its intensity with full fruit flavors across the spectrum, from ripe tropical fruit to lush pink grapefruit. ENJOY WITH: This wine can be matched with barbecued prawns or salmon and poached white fish with fresh green salads containing parsley, pepper or lemon. Mediterranean and Turkish dishes with hummus, olives and feta will also match well. This delicious wine on SALE at the #Yorkshirewines. $8.99 Shop Online: Phone Order: 212.717.5100 #Sauvignon #Blanc #Brancott #Marlborough #Sale #Discount #White #Wine

via Yorkshire Wines & Spirits

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