Creyente Mezcal Joven. Creyente believes in expanding the boundaries of possibility. With imagination and dedication to the craft, they combine distinctive agaves, regions and traits to create an extraordinary mezcal. To represent the unique spirit, Creyente created a visionary blend in the form of a hybrid animal. The full, velvety smooth body of this mezcal blend is symbolized by the sleek figure of the elusive jaguar. Sweet hints of fruit, and light herbal notes are embodied by the nimble legs of the antelope. The overarching smoky mesquite wood flavor that unifies these elements is represented by a symbol of rich, Mexican tradition: the Golden Eagle. Together, the blend composes a completely new creature and an evolutionary mezcal. Shop Now: Phone Order: 212.717.5100 #Creyente #Mezcal #Tequila #Mexico

via Yorkshire Wines & Spirits

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