Wondering where #barrika cider comes from? The Astiazaran family has been producing some of the best #sidra in Basque Country for generations. This is their cider house and all but one of their barrels. COME JOIN US THIS EVENING BETWEEN 5-8 PM AND TASTE SPANISH FAMOUS #CIDER AT #YORKSHIREWINES Tasting Notes: Traditional Basque Cider , wild -fermented lightly effervescent apple cider. Tart, dry, funky. Ripe and overripe apple aroma. Acidity lends itself to a great pairing with fish and cured cheeses. Alternatively, Barrika can provide an interesting contrast to heavier foods such as burgers and, as it is frequently enjoyed in Basque country, with steak. #qualityoverquantity #iruin #barrikacider #cider #basquecountry #nyc #basquecider #inspiredbythebarrel #barrikabasquecountrycider

via Yorkshire Wines & Spirits http://ift.tt/2uGqVWr

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